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U r s A 

...is the music and alias of Bristol, UK singer-songwriter, composer and pianist Helen Stanley.

Helen’s songwriting narrates snap-shot tales of falls from grace, introspective victories, touches of prevalent madness and epiphany elation in equal measure, drawn from her view of the human experience and the beauty of nature.

Although musically the songs have found their ancestral sonic home comfortably among other female piano playing solo artists like Grouper's Ruins, Helen's distinctive arrangements and instrumental palette certainly indicate a dramatic ambition at work. Dreamy, ethereal threads sewn in by Vibes, Hammered Dulcimer, Musical Saw and Water-phone ebb and flow in harmony with Helen's keys and voice firmly at the helm, her crew of effected electric strings and synths filling the sails. ‘Imagined film-soundtrack’ instrumentals set the scene where songs can seamlessly emerge and take shape saluting neo-classical composers such as Rachel grimes or acts like 'Other Lives'. You may even find yourself at an unlikely crossroads where the unsettling highway to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks has been re-scored by the Cocteau Twins.

The Sounds Of Ursa are undoubtedly in a league of their own and have harnessed a unique cinematic melancholic beauty.

The brand new, debut EP 'Patience Panacea’ is due for release this summer.


Live line-up:

Helen Stanley - Piano / Wurlitzer Electric Piano / Synths / Lead Vocals

Boris Ming - Electric violin / Synths

Emma Holbrook - Drums / Drum machine

Mike Kingston - Electric Guitar / Synths / Electric bass

Kat Coles - Electric bass / Synths / B.vocals

Additional members:

David Insua-Cao - Vibes / Hammered Dulcimer

Catherine Flynn - B. Vocals / Autoharp / Harmonium

Mark Furnevall - Electric bass / Synths

Guy Fowler - Electric / Double Bass

BOOKINGS | contactursa@gmail.com, 07875-177301